Personal Info

  • Name: Lillian
  • Birthday: 09.06
  • Education: degree in Informatics and Telecommunications
  • Work: Web Developer, Web Designer
  • Foreign Languages: English, German, some Finnish
  • Programming Languages: C, PHP, C#

Free time

  • I love: Beer, Travelling, Dance, Blogging, Old cartoons, Cinema, Music
  • I hate: Milk, Mellons, Waking up early, My guts, People with low IQ, Personal life intruders
  • I want: more ideas
  • I miss: my freedom in Finland


  • Music: Mainly rock
  • Movies: How to train your dragon
  • Books: Fahrenheit 451 (Ruy Bradbury), The Little Prince (Antoine De Saint Exupery)
  • Food: chicken, pasta, weird salads, anything made by mom
  • Obsessions: making lists, ordering stuff by color, stealing beermats from pubs, fixing bedsheets and doormats, analyzing and categorizing personalities. In progress to find new ones.
  • Currently favorite quote: …

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